For years and years I have loved, savored Sai Maa’s words, whether spoken, written or remembered. The wisdom, multiple layers of meaning, the resonance and deep knowingness, the saying to myself “yes, how true” or “that’s perfect” or “Maa’s done it again!” For all these reasons and more, I cherish the opportunities to listen to, transcribe, organize, archive, and quote what Maa shares on diverse topics.

Maa has used different analogies to describe who we are, how we relate to one another, and how we contribute together to what we might call something bigger than ourselves (although in truth this “something bigger” is who we all truly are).

We are all pearls on the same necklace, each unique and contributing to the beauty and elegance of the whole (with the same thread of our essence running through us). We are all pieces of the same puzzle, different sizes and shapes, coming together to make up the whole picture. Each and every one of us is irreplaceable and important to the overall design.

The overall design … The Grand Design. The Wholeness, the Oneness of all of our unique expressions, of the different combinations of what we express, of the interrelatedness and consequences of all of our actions (actions as our thoughts, feelings, words, interactions, everything we do and create inside of ourselves and with others).

It truly “hits home” when Maa speaks about this design as a living Grand Design, where with our free will and with increasing awareness all of us can be conscious contributors to, co-creators with this Design in every moment and with every action. We can live consciously and act as masters, as leaders, enriching and uplifting the Grand Design; meaning we raise our frequency and that of the whole. In this higher vibration, we influence the Design and the Design influences us. The Supreme Influence moves through us, is expressed through us. When we vibrate at a higher rate, are aligned and coherent with higher energies and dimensions, when we are radiating a greater electromagnetic field, the Law of Resonance ensures that we merge and create with the Great Intelligence. Divine Inspiration flows through us, is expressed through us, as limitless possibilities of creation.

During Maa’s Birthday Global Address of three days ago, Maa encouraged us to listen to the words of the discourse, as well as to the New Year’s discourse from last November, until they become part of us. I second that invitation: so much wisdom and Shakti in the words, such a birthday gift for us!

I offer a few sentences below from the Birthday discourse about the Grand Design, and ask you to move into them, allow the Shakti to activate your inner knowingness about who you are, who we are, the contributions we can make as co-creators, the wealth of energy and information we can tap into that can inform our daily actions and constant creations.

I also invite you to ask yourselves some questions in reading these words, to increase your self-awareness and inform your future actions:

  • What insights come to you as you read? What do you feel, understand, re-member?
  • What happens to your vibration, to your energetic field, to your experience of expansion and alignment?
  • How will you bring this wisdom into your daily lives?
  • Are you motivated to take new actions, make new contributions, demonstrate greater leadership?

Here are some of Maa’s words from the Birthday discourse to stimulate, energize and expand you:

  • Simply allow yourself to be yourself, to be part of the Grand Design
  • Collaborate, co-create with the Grand Design, step into the embodiment of the Grand Design
  • The Grand Design is your creation – step into the present moment and this builds the future you
  • Step into the Grand Design deliberately in alignment with Sat-Chit-Ananda in everyday experience
  • The anchoring of Divine Inspiration in oneness state so you step into the Grand Design
  • The body is to be an expression of the highest of you: the body as a flute emptied of what shrinks you, and then the Divine Influence comes through you and offers Divine Inspiration so you co-create with the Grand Design.



I wrote in my end-of-the-year blog about all of the possibilities we have in our life to step up to be evolutionary leaders. How we can contribute to and serve the living Grand Design or Divine Plan, create endless birth days and new beginnings through our increasing awareness, rising frequencies, continued inner work and transfiguration. (December 29 blog “Evolutionary Leadership: Endless Opportunities for New Beginnings.”)

What preceded and inspired that blog is the global address that Sai Maa shared with us as we completed 2016, “The Transfiguration of You”, in which Maa so beautifully and powerfully speaks of how we can fulfill our birthright of service, of creating our legacy as pillars of light:

In this writing, I offer some citations from a few books that reinforce a broader perspective and outlook on who we are and how we can contribute to our world and beyond. Let these words inspire you, encourage your further reflection and inner work for you to evolve and lead with all your brothers and sisters in expanding the consciousness and raising the frequency of humanity and the planet.

The first set of quotes describes the Matrix of Love (Maa often speaks of the Matrix), the unfolding Plan, and the related intention for humanity. These are followed by ideas of how we can carry out this intention and serve individually and collectively.

The writings come from a wonderful book that I learned about through Sai Maa, that includes teachings that are so aligned with Maa’s and resonate so deeply with our inner knowingness of why we are here: The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth by Gordon Asher Davidson.

(1) Our task or purpose relative to the Matrix of Love, and all the available relationships and possibilities for co-creation with other worlds and dimensions:

“Love is an all pervading, omnipresent infinite field matrix of energy which transcends all dimensional limitations of time and space and creates an indissoluble bond between all worlds and dimensions. … It is the ever present matrix which holds every atom and every galaxy in right relationship. … Thus, the task of unfoldment for each individual unit of life is to discover their unique portal of entry into this matrix of love, the One Life. … Once entered, the matrix steadily and naturally expands the focus of love, its reach and inclusive embrace, ultimately to all the worlds.”

“The plan is an unfolding series of events, expressing energies from all dimensions that impact the earth. These include the galactic civilizations, the solar system, Shamballa, Hierarchy and the higher spiritual energies increasingly available. … The plan can be summarized as creating loving, lighted relationships within and between every life form on earth, as well as with lives on more subtle planes of being.”

“Humanity is intended to develop the capacity to link with the galactic communications network through frequency attunement with the soul and higher spiritual contacts.”

(2) How we can facilitate, serve, further this intention individually and collectively:

“Simply being fully present and radiating through your thoughts and presence all the good you know is underway is a subtle communication that has a major effect on others. This practice raises your consciousness, makes you a conscious co-creator with the Alliance of Light, and also makes a major contribution to catalyzing the unfolding plan.”

“The principles and methods of all light groups, whether consciously associated with the great multidimensional Alliance of Light or not, are based on the matrix of love as the core organizing principle. This means that light groups hold each of their members, their group purpose and the well-being of the world with love, aligned with the higher purposes of the plan (whether consciously realized or not).”

“Organizing and participating in group meditations amplifies the light, because it allows a greater intensity to be released into an energetic group field of multiple auras of people with different types of energies, focal points of consciousness, and levels of dissemination. Drawing people into these vortices of light also aligns them with higher frequencies of light, which stimulates each one’s capacity to be light bearers.”

What we can do: “helping people understand how to release all that is holding them captive in lower frequencies, and how to align with reliable sources of lighted vision and universal love. … helping them make a connection and ongoing alignment with their soul, so they establish a center of clarity and purpose within themselves.”


The last quote speaks to the importance of the soul. Sai Maa and Maa’s teachers have offered (and will continue to offer) programs related to the soul, its journey, our evolving relationship with our soul, living our soul’s purpose, our soul awakening, etc. Our soul is intimately entwined with our evolution, our frequency, our service, the degree to which we make a difference in the world.

The following citations about the soul come from two of the three books in the Soul and Service Trilogy by Susan Trout, Co-Founder of the Institute for the Advancement of Service. I am grateful to Ann Benvenuto who sent me the trilogy after our conversation at Maa’s Conscious Healing Intensive (she works with the Institute in the area of Leadership and Soul Development). Although the first quote highlights leaders of organizations, we can broaden the teaching to everyone taking action as leaders in their lives.

From The Awakened Leader: Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul

“To lead well is a soul matter. Knowledge of the soul and attention to its growth expands a leader’s capacity to lead and thereby benefits an organization. The leader’s life force emanates through the personality and grounds the gifts of the soul through action. United as one force, soul and personality infuse the individual’s leadership style and enliven the programs and activities of the organization. The level of soul development determines an individual’s worldview. … This inner journey is mandatory for conscious leaders.”

From Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service

“The soul is both nonmaterial and mysterious. It has one fundamental purpose and activity: to make knowledge manifest in the material world. Individually and collectively, the soul’s desire to bring its knowledge into consciousness shapes the material world. Through the experience of time and space, the soul reveals its knowledge by engaging in a process of radiating unfoldment. … A common characteristic of the soul’s unfoldment is its frequent return visits to lessons that on a conscious level we believe we have mastered. Return visits of the soul are transcendent in that they help us to uncover a truth or nugget of wisdom not previously seen.”

“Another trait of the soul is that its process of evolution is unique to each person. By definition, individuals do not evolve with the same talents or tendencies nor at the same pace. … The uniqueness of the soul is visible in the diverse purposes, missions, and destinies of different individuals. Even when the personality self is unconscious and unaware, the soul leads it through experiences that focus on what it is to learn, contribute, achieve, or create in this lifetime. … The learning, or more accurately the unveiling of this knowledge, is our life purpose. … Our mission is the context within which the soul’s knowledge can be unveiled and is reflected in one’s life circumstances, work, and relationships. … A life mission, however, may not be what it appears to be. We may actually be doing our life’s work while we are discovering what we think our life’s work is.”

A final request: I encourage you to write me about what you see now that you might not have before, about your evolutionary leadership, your contribution and service, your soul and its uniqueness, your purpose and mission. I also invite you to let me know about what is happening inside of you and in your lives, and what topics you would like me to write about in future blogs.

Many of you aware of the new Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya which includes at this time myself and eight Brahmacharis (monks) and Brahmacharinis (nuns). If not, please visit our section of Sai Maa’s website ( to learn about the Order, our mission, who we are, our lineage and tradition (and yours as members of Sai Maa’s community), and our offerings and services.

On a personal note, I am experiencing myself and all of us in the Order in completely new ways, after many years of being together. I attribute this, of course, to the blessings of Sai Maa and what Maa is creating for and with all of us at this critical juncture in the planet’s evolution and time of transfiguration moving into resurrection and ascension. Also, I attribute this new way of being together energetically, creatively and practically (how we are living our lives) to who we are individually and collectively in our evolution, and the path of our devotion to Maa and unfoldment of our dharma (purpose) in serving our shared mission.

As the title expresses, I am writing about “order” in several ways here, related to but not solely about our Order. Underlying what may appear at times in the outer world as chaos, turmoil, uncertainty, the unknown, there is order coming from the permanent essence of who we all are that becomes manifest through us when we are in alignment with that love, light, Presence, Source. There is underlying order in the cosmos, the movement and interplay of the planets, constellations, galaxies, universes, and the eternal truth that all of this order is within us in its entirety and eternality. There is order in the Grand Design that is unfolding on this planet and in the cosmos, and how we as inhabitants of planet Earth can contribute to this at any moment. We contribute to this dynamic and living Design through who we are becoming and how we are expressing ourselves in action. Finally, we can also understand order in the context of universal laws that impact who we are and the outcome of our decisions (e.g., the Laws of Attention, Attraction, Resonance).

Perhaps this reflection about order offers you some comfort, knowing that all is as it is meant to be, and is playing out in an “orderly fashion” even if it is not evident to us in how we see ourselves and our lives.

Now back to our Order. The Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya exists to serve you and our global community, and to serve beyond our existing community. This service takes form on many levels, including energetically and through specific offerings of the Order (including spiritual coaching, and the webinar that begins in June, “Cultivate the Light Within” – this is sold out but will be offered again in the Fall). Also, many of us are part of the group of Sai Maa’s teachers contributing to Maa’s and other programs throughout the year.

Each of us in the Order contribute in unique ways to the community and world, as the website informs you. As for myself, aside from the coaching, teaching and writing that I offer on a regular basis, I would like to make a new offer to you right now. We will see how this unfolds given your response. Here is the offer:

If you have any clear, succinct questions about your sadhana (spiritual practice), or a burning spiritual topic, please email me your questions ( Let me be clear about what I am NOT asking for: I am not asking for open-ended questions that require pages of reply, nor am I asking for questions where you can obtain answers on Maa’s website or through Google, Wikipedia, or similar resources. Perhaps you might choose to ask questions after reading this or past blogs (95 in total so far). This offer in no way replaces the much more in-depth teachings, practices, and interactions of the upcoming or future webinars or programs of the online school of the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya.

I will either compile related questions coming from you and write future blogs in reply, or answer questions individually by email if they lend themselves to shorter answers. If I feel speaking will serve you more, I will arrange a phone call with you (those will be shorter calls to relay information or advice, compared to my coaching calls).

In service to the underlying order of all that we are and All That Is.




It was over two years since my last trip to India although it seemed even longer. Maa and I had spoken about my trip, deciding that I would not return for Maa’s program “Divinization of Matter”, rather traveling from Kashi (Varanasi) to Uttarkashi in the Himalayas and then to Puttaparthi before returning home.

This was my time to devote myself to devotion: my devotion to Maa of course; my devotion to my sadhana or spiritual practice; my devotion to going within and focusing upon my Self, my Atma, the Truth that can only be found inside; my devotion to stillness, to moving out of doing and expanding through being. I highly recommend to everyone to take an extended period of time for this kind of devotion, if possible, although I know this is a luxury for many. As an alternative, this might take the form of devoting a whole morning or afternoon or full day to devotional practice and whatever this looks like for you.

We can always go inside and find everything no matter where we are located, and yet the “outside” environment is influential in supporting and contributing to our inner work and state of being. In this case, I was in three different environments that served me in my devotional journey. I will take you through the experiential highlights of my three weeks in India and these inner/outer journeys.

Just arriving in India, Delhi and then Kashi, feels like home – so familiar, comfortable, with sights and sounds and smells, an immersion in the culture and daily living that activates in me an inner focus and greater awareness of my energy and state. I’m not going to lay out all the activities of my stay, just those that offer some insight into aspects of devotion and the impact of devotion within me that may resonate with you, or call you to make new choices for your devotional practice.

In all three locations I set up my altar with a photo of Maa, Aarti lamp (with incense and cup of water, spoon), small Ganesh, mala and the small book I have created of different mantras, and other sacred items. (Among my India photos and videos on my Facebook page, you can see a photo of my altar in Uttarkashi –

Each day during my stay I meditated, recited mantras, offered Aarti to Maa, chanted the Hanuman Chalisa (Hanuman, the monkey god so devoted to Ram and Sita), chanted the Guru Gita (listening at the same time to Swami Muktananda chanting it). In Puttaparthi I added in reading chapters from the Shri Sai Satcharitra that Maa recommended we read, containing stories of devotion and teachings from the life of Shirdi Sai Baba, the first incarnation of Baba. I also read throughout my trip the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred text that describes the self-realization of Arjuna through his devotion to Lord Krishna who has taken the form of his charioteer (more about this later).

At the beginning of my trip, I celebrated Maha Shivaratri in Kashi, with Mohan Das, Krishna Das and David O’Grady who are the India team serving Maa’s ashram there and humanitarian projects through the Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust, as well as a visiting group of about 15 of us from around the world. We all experienced the power of the ashram combined with the ceremonies, mantras, slokas, and vedic chanting of the pundits through the whole night of Shivaratri.

In addition to the Abhishek, puja or offerings to the Shiva lingam, the highlight was the yagya, the fire ceremony with flames shooting to the sky (see photos), as we shouted “Swaha” (so be it!) along with the pundits. For me, the Shakti and expansion were immense and intense especially during the yagya, as I merged with the sacred fire and devoted myself to loudly reciting two mantras dedicated to the vibrant health of Maa: the Mrityunjaya mantra which I also recite at home and listen to Karunamayi chanting it; and the Dhanvantari mantra (an avatar form of Vishnu, physician of the gods, and god of Ayurveda).

I moved into an expanded state radiating light to Maa and merging in oneness with the purifying fire, through my love for and devotion to Maa, my wish for Maa’s continued health, and unity with the pundits and entire group in our focus and collective intention. Yagyas are such powerful instruments for activating our devotion, deepening our purification, and raising our vibrational state. We open our heart, throat and higher chakras as we focus and express ourselves, and the fire burns through all of our impurities the more devoted we are, the more we open and allow the vibration of the Sanskrit to move through us, the more we offer to the fire.

My devotion to seva, to serving others, in this case women and children, was reinvigorated and reinforced in Kashi when I visited a school and Maa’s Women’s Center and Shelter. As I saw the impact of the work, and spoke with the children and women, I felt (and still feel) the joy and expansion that comes from service and manifesting our shared mission through humanitarian work. This seva is an expression of my devotion to Maa, to Atma, to all the souls who are being served.

I wrote that I would come back to the Bhagavad Gita. Among the powerful teachings in this sacred text, we are educated about the impermanence of the physical form, the everlasting permanence of the Atma, the Self, the power of the different forms of yoga including Bhakti or devotion to the Guru or that Absolute within us, the Eternal and the absence of death, the bondage of maya or illusion, the importance of not being attached to the body or to outcomes of our actions, the state of equanimity and mastery over the unsteady mind gained through practice.

Now on to the second leg of my trip. My time in Uttarkashi, where I re-read the Bhagavad Gita, represented even deeper immersion in my sadhana in an environment of very high vibration, higher altitude of the surrounding Himalayas, and, in retrospect not surprisingly, inner work around my physicality, about form and formless.

I arrived in Uttarkashi after a 4 ½-hour car trip, with a driver who drove very fast around hundreds of winding curves and steep cliffs, weaving in and out of other cars and trucks. Do you know where I’m leading with this description? When I arrived at the hotel, although I felt fine in the car, I had to rush to my room to relieve myself bending over the toilet. Let me say that this was a rarity for me since I had not vomited for over five decades. Yes, I know, hard to believe except when you know about my long history of control, retention, contracted living. Even more surprising, I experienced this as an interesting turn of events, and realized how much better I felt rather than living through an extended period of nausea.

I mention this experience because it points to one of the lessons of the Bhagavad Gita about form and formless, not identifying ourselves with the body, releasing attachments and opening to the limitlessness within us. My time in Uttarkashi was spent partially in being aware of my physical form while focusing on my practice and merging in the energies of the Himalayas. In others words, I felt dizzy and an imbalance of sorts in being there, while I appreciated Mata Ganga (the Ganges River) and the Himalayan mountains from my balcony as I did my practice. For those interested, even though I felt off balance physically at times, my stomach was in good condition on all counts.

As you can see in my Facebook videos, the environment was sacred, majestic, “Shaktified”. As I recited mantras on the balcony, I expanded even more as I listened to the sounds of the birds and gazed upon the beauty of the surroundings. Although the person who had organized my week’s stay in Uttarkashi brought me to the Vishwanath Temple, Shivananda ashram, and his own nearby tent resort on the Ganga, I spent a great deal of time in my room with my daily practice, reading through all of the Bhagavad Gita as well as learning to chant the Guru Gita, following along in my little booklet as Swami Muktananda chanted.

Another highlight in Uttarkashi was walking upon small and larger stones to reach the Ganga after a few minutes, and sitting on a large boulder with my feet in the water. The cold anchored me throughout my body, as the high vibration penetrated me, expanded my state, and moved me into meditation. Just as the yagya purified me, so did Mother Ganga, as I closed my eyes, and when I opened my eyes to witness the steady flow of the silky waters over and between the rocks. On this particular day it was very sunny (compared to several overcast and chilly days), and the combination of the light shining on the mountains and in the water, and the sun on my face and cold water on my feet, filled my heart and being with peace and contentment.

Moving on to Puttaparthi, I come back to familiarity, feeling at home and natural, after 20 years of visiting this village filled with Baba’s loving Shakti and devoted to His life and teachings. It was so easy for me to practice in the apartment I owned there for many years, especially since the temperature was very hot outside and the indoor fan helped to reduce the perspiration. My devotion, and that of many people living and visiting there, is palpable and expansive, especially when I visited the ashram for Omkar between 4-5:30 am every morning. For Omkar, we sit outside and then inside Baba’s meditation room, chant OM 21 times (the meaning of “Omkar”), meditate in silence, and listen to ladies chanting a sloka about Baba. One morning I walked around the ashram with the group of men (another group of women does the same), as we chanted slokas. I am amazed and filled with joy as the birds chant with us, as I hear the loud chirping of the birds especially in the same trees that are near the quarters where Baba used to reside.

Each day I visited with my friend Aftab from Kashmir, who is very close to Maa and me and owns a gem and statue shop “Himalayan Heritage” right near the ashram entrance. We sat together for satsang (and he gave me mango juice and electrolytes for my water to energize me). I spoke of Maa and my experiences, and he, unlike during numerous visits over the years, shared many personal stories about miraculous and touching experiences he had with people (visitors and beggars) during his over 30 years living in Puttaparthi.

Finally, I end with my visit to Baba’s meditation tree, my favorite place in Puttaparthi aside from the ashram and Maa’s bedroom that faces the mandir (meditation hall), where Baba used to stop to look at Maa. On my final morning in Puttaparthi, I sat for about an hour under the tree, as the meditation meditated me, as I merged in the profound Shakti of Baba and the yantra buried underneath the tree. I experienced its unique energy, such deep comfort, relaxation and stillness, a oneness that arises and spreads within me when I am there. You can see a photo of the tree, and learn more about it and my past experience, in an earlier blog (December 27, 2012).

As I complete this sharing, I encourage you again to devote yourselves to your devotion through devotional practice, to go within and realize the formless, the Eternal Truth, the permanent, the higher and higher vibration, that is ever-present and available for all of us as we shift our focus to everything waiting inside of us. The more we practice, the more we devote ourselves to Maa, Master, God, Atma, love, light, the more we move into a constant state of devotion that leads us into the depths of our divinity, to the realization of the Reality of Self.

All ways devoted to you in our shared path of devotion and realization.



As I ready myself to travel to India this Friday, I am spending some time thinking about my thinking. I have just had the privilege of typing Maa’s writings from a seva book Maa wrote in during Maa’s last visit to India, several of which have to do with the mind. Perfect timing of course for my upcoming trip.

I haven’t been in India for over two years, a long period of time for me, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend three weeks there completely devoted to my sadhana (spiritual practice). I first travel to Varanasi to be with others from our community to celebrate Maha Shivaratri (up all night chanting in the streets!), to visit our ashram and sites of our humanitarian work, and then to travel to the Himalayas for a week of meditation and reflection in Uttarkashi by Mother Ganga, before traveling south to Puttaparthi to spend another week at Baba’s ashram.

I know from recent conversations and group gatherings how much inner work and profound change is going on during this 7-year cycle of transfiguration, resurrection and ascension. Now is the time of transfiguration, as we transition from our old form to a completely new form, down to the cellular and subatomic levels. My cells are buzzing, and I am noticing how empty I am of thought until I create and put new thoughts into my head, my mind, my brain.

I am even more aware of this after having transcribed Maa’s words. I share below some short phrases to stimulate my own and your reflection and inner work:

“The role of the mind is to think. You are to decide what you wish the mind to think of, which is what I call thinking intelligently.”

“Find out what happens to thoughts after you become aware of them.”

“Imagine that all the thoughts stop. What is there, how will you be?”

“… the mindlessness state in which only God is …”

I love Maa’s words! I love the depth of the wisdom, how the choice of each word is impeccable and elegant, how all the words come together into a meaning that rings so true, activating this inner “Wow, yes that’s it!” and the joy associated with that revelation.

Maa speaks often to us about training our mind, that we can do anything with our mind, how we give power to whatever we put in the mind, so we are not to judge or blame our mind that is like an empty box. In other words, let’s play, use our free will, enjoy de-creating and creating, emptying space in our mind/head/brain and filling it up with new information/possibilities/pathways.

During a break from writing this, I was just walking outside to get a package at the rental office. I passed the fountain outside my window, noticing my mindless state, as I put thoughts into my head of appreciation for the water, nature, the singing birds, the steps I was taking, the opportunity I have to be thinking about my thinking. My head wasn’t filled with thoughts; they simply came to me and reminded me that this can be how every moment is inside my head and in my experience of life.

Then some other thoughts came to me about Maa’s writing that “consciousness” is behind the thoughts, what we might call “witness” or “indweller” or Presence, and that all of us are this behind our thoughts. Our pure unadulterated mind is the Universal Mind, the mind of God, always available when we clear away the clutter of our normal daily thoughts coming from patterns and habits. It became more evident to me in that moment, as it does now, that the “what is there?” or the “mindlessness state in which God is” is exactly the same for everyone, and that this truth is the most important to keep in mind (so to speak) in creating our relationships and daily life experience.

We are able to access, activate, rest in, create from this mindless state of Presence more and more as we do our practice, as we devote ourselves to our Self and fill our heads with pure thoughts that naturally arise as our sadhana purifies us. Maa reminds us that we have free will and can choose what we look at, and which practices we use to strengthen our mind and benefit from the power of our focus to transform our inner world.

I smile as I imagine the next few weeks, chanting Shiva chants with everyone all night long during Maha Shivaratri, sitting in the meditation cave in the Kashi ashram, walking along the Ganges, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa in the Himalayas, reading the Guru Gita and listening to a recording of Baba Muktananda chanting it, reading the Bhagavad Gita, reading Maa’s words, contemplating and journaling, and spending time simply resting in stillness and seeing what rises within me, as the knowing takes precedence over the thinking.

Thank you Maa. Thank you for all that I am and all that we are. I am so blessed, as we are blessed, with endless opportunities to focus, be aware, witness, practice, play, create, transform, transfigure, evolve … and on and on and on …












We just concluded an enlightening time together as a community. We started by opening to all of the energies of transfiguration being transmitted by Sai Maa and brought to this planet for its evolution. We held satsang (gathering where truth is spoken), which was one of the most rewarding satsangs for me, and I think for many of us. We then offered one another the new form of transfiguration Diksha that Maa has just gifted us, and performed Aarti to Sai Maa. We completed our time together with a potluck, and a conversation about creating a unique weekend intensive program over Passover.

What became clear during our satsang is that we are all experiencing and moving through the up’s and down’s of healing at very deep levels. Elizabeth spoke about “GOD” (Generate, Organize, Destroy), and how much is being destroyed inside for creation to take place. We all nodded in agreement. This is the way of the universe, especially during these accelerated transfigurative times, where transfiguration is creating a completely new form within ourselves that is unrecognizable. I remarked to the group that this play of creation is represented in the Hindu tradition as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), Shiva (Destroyer).

We are being shaken, down to the cellular, atomic, photonic levels, and we become more aligned, balanced, resilient, when we come together, share authentically, and empower our practice collectively. This was so evident, so palpable, for us today. During our last gathering we had spoken about the power of creating, moving into action as creators, and how this carries us forward, when we don’t get stuck in and weighed down by what we see as issues, or what we tell ourselves as stories that cause suffering.

As Maa is teaching us, our work is to be aware of our patterns, and the deeper habits of our subconscious that show up in our conscious lives as patterns and emotional reactions. We then accept the patterns, knowing that they are just words we say to ourselves, or what others have said to us, rather than falling into the trap of believing they are the truth of who we are. Once we accept, we can pour light into the patterns, so they dissolve and space is opened up within us that we can fill up with new divine patterns that serve us and our evolution.

This morning during satsang we spoke about the joy that comes from action and creation, and that some of us have experienced alternating states of fatigue or lethargy or stagnation and then creativity. We know this to be a time in our lives unlike any other that is demanding we go further. We know we are supported, loved, served by Maa, our souls, our angels and guides, and it is up to us to open to these energies that propel us forward. Speaking of being propelled and the grace of all those serving us, Natarajbhai shared with our group an experience from earlier in the week when he and others were in a car accident. No one was seriously injured. Someone in the van described seeing him during the accident, and how he gracefully floated through the air even though he is a large man. The grace that is here for us when we breathe, align, and move with creation.

At the end of our morning, we spoke about the possibility of creating a community offering over Passover weekend in April, and this led to our declaration that we commit to 500 people attending the event. Note to readers: I just turned around to look at the clock and it’s 4:44 … it’s a sign!!!

We began a discussion about the design of the weekend event, including a Passover seder on the first night of Passover, Friday April 22nd, then a day long program on Saturday, an inter-tradition celebration Saturday night, and Sunday morning conversation about what we can bring into our lives individually and as a community. We will communicate more about this, and if you wish to learn more or be involved, please email me (

Finally, on a personal note, in our final conversation this morning I became aware of the depths within myself of what I am transfiguring. When we were speaking about the Passover program, and committing to create this together with great joy, passion and exuberance, someone in the group (no names!) said something. As Maa says, it’s always about you with you, and not about the other person. I said that I wished to state my opinion about what the person said. Although I cannot remember all my words, I shared that I experienced what he said as stopping the momentum of what we were creating, that is came from the third dimension which was not where we were at in that moment. I think I said something about what I saw as his underlying resistance. We both got into a back-and-forth “sharing” which I would more authentically call a debate or explanation including some self-justification. Of course, I take responsibility for my end of whatever we were creating, which was not at all in the same energy as the earlier passionate declaration.

The point I’m making – what I learned and invite you to look at – is that we all have reactions, thoughts and feelings that take us down or lower our vibration, and these are the ones that are to be “destroyed” or “transfigured”. During meditation after the group departed, I felt that my creation with that other person came from a very deep place of habit, perhaps subconscious, or unconscious, or karmic, or from what we call the akashic record of actions from all life experiences, or all of the above. I had a sense that lifetimes before this I had been stopped from inspired action and creation (a psychic once told me I been a leader in a war of faith which we lost, and I lost my faith). I also remember feeling enthusiastic and inspired during my childhood, and being squelched by the depression and withdrawal prevalent in my family. These examples came to me quickly, and I didn’t hold onto them or elaborate or process. I just owned them as they came to me.

Again, the point is to become aware of the pattern – not to tell stories about it – to breathe and accept whatever it is. We then pour light into it. In my case, in feeling my devotion to Maa, my heart expanded, my vibration rose as a consequence, and the pattern disappeared and a space within me was available for new creation related to the person and the community.

From the ashes the phoenix rises. Take a look at the photo above of the flower arrangement our community offered during the Becoming of Us program in Naples. The beauty of the ascent, creation from destruction, light from darkness, a lotus growing out of the mud – all analogies for our transfiguration, resurrection, and then ascension.

As I complete this latest post, I invite you to join us for monthly satsangs at my home in Scottsdale, and for Enlightened Living Group meetings twice a month at other locations. In addition, please join us for our Passover weekend intensive April 22-24. Thank you all for reading, for sharing, for creating, for continuing together in this path of light with Maa and each other.

By the way, I just completed writing and reviewing this, and it’s 5:55!!!



Happy New Year

Fireworks 2

New Year’s is celebrated as a time of new beginnings. Even though we assign January 1st as a time for resolutions and intended changes in our lives, we could instead perceive and live each moment in our lives as new beginnings that come about through the actions we take inside ourselves and in what we call the outer world. When we see every minute of every day as a new beginning, we can discover, play, and live life as an adventure. Taking this perspective creates within us an energy, pulsation or impulse that propels us forward, leading to thoughts and feelings that motivate us because they are based in our true essence as Creation … this dynamic, creative energy we call “Shakti” that is instrumental in our Becoming.

This place or state of wonder, discovery, play, adventure has within it great joy, joie de vivre, joy in being alive. Maa has repeated over and over again that joy is key for transformation, for our evolution, for our transfiguration. Our natural state is filled with joy. We actually create fireworks when we tap into our inner joy and express ourselves joyfully in daily life.

Personally I feel greater joy when I appreciate, am grateful for, aspects of my life, people in my life, or what I have to offer in life. The more I focus in this way, create this perspective, the more joy becomes a state of being that is sustained over time. I feel joy when I remind myself and draw my attention to the presence of Maa in my life. I tap into the knowingness that Maa is within me always, as energy, Shakti, Divine Love, my own Truth, that I can merge with at any moment. Joy rises within me when I call upon my Higher Self, Supreme Self, all my Selves in different dimensions at higher and higher frequencies. The joy of being here and being there, of joining with all the expressions of my Self, of realizing the power of all the beings and energies that are available to me on different planes, in different civilizations, that I can draw upon and create with while being here in this physical body.

I am filled with joy when I realize the wholeness of who I truly am in this and so many other dimensions. With this realization I activate higher frequencies that fill my physical body deep into my cells, and brighten my subtle bodies to create an ever-expanding light body, a unified field of oneness consciousness. As I write this now, I feel the expansion in my heart in describing this expansive state. This does not surprise me since the joy, the unity, cannot take place without the heart. Our soul resides in our heart as a spark of light from Self, from Source, that is always present with us in every life experience. We brighten and embody this light more and more as we focus upon it, and bring it into our personality, minds, body, and manifest its expression in our daily lives. Thus, we are being a Living Light of soul, of Self; we are living a Life Divine.

I have written here about wholeness, our realization of all we are in this and other dimensions and planes, and the joy that comes from this new reality and opportunity to express it in our lives. Maa spoke in a recent global address, “The Transfiguration of You”, about realizing the fullness of who we are in our spiritual empowerment and being evolutionary leaders on many levels at once:

“A state has come for spiritual empowerment which allows you to be deeply involved at a higher level of leadership in the evolution of the plan, of the Grand Design for this galaxy, for this universe, for this solar system, for this world, for each one of us. Be of higher level of consciousness, a maturity of the soul, meaning focus on the higher evolution plan for humanity liberating itself from all that pain and suffering. Thus fulfill the fullness, the fullest of one’s potential as divinity, as light, as a being of light, as a cosmic being.”

As Maa said at the beginning of the address, 2016 is a Soulful Path. Let us take this path of remembering, embodying and expressing our soul, thus being a Living Light that serves this planet, our solar system, our galaxy and universe, all galaxies and universes across the cosmos. Let us be evolutionary leaders by creating with our soul, with all of our Selves here and there, by collaborating with all of the souls and Selves of all of humanity, and the beings in civilizations in other planes. A plentitude of new beginnings and new worlds to be discovered and created.

Put another way, let us BE THE FIREWORKS that go off not just in the skies we can see now, but in the far reaches of other planes and dimensions we have yet to discover.